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  JRB Packaging Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 with a total investment of US$ 23 million. The investors are Rotam Group (Canada) and Boxmore International PLC. JRB Packaging Co., Ltd. is now a branch of IPACKCHEM Group which predecessor was known as BOXMORE packaging.


JRB has  "online fluorination" patented technology in Asia to produce high-barrier Fluorinated Bottles. Fluorinated Bottles have been widely used in chemical sector (e.g., agrochemical, essence and flavor, food, printing ink assistant and other chemical product), and become the preferred packaging for the export of chemical products in China.


JRB is devoted to providing complete packaging solutions for customers, so as to provide various kinds of technologies to meet market demand. Besides high-quality Fluorinated Bottles, JRB further makes use of the  advanced equipment, raw material and process in the world to produce world first class multi-layer co-extrusion bottle, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle and polyester (PET) bottles.


JRB designs and produces high-quality products, provides original packaging solutions and perfect customer services, winning the reputations of majority of users,And in Europe, Asia and America chemical plastic packaging market has a wide range of customers


    JRB introduced a set of "offline fluorination" device from Germany in 2012 to carry out surface treatment to injection molding, satisfying the demands of automotive upholstery, surface adhesive, membrane electrical property improvement and other field.


In May 2013, JRB (Tianjin) was founded in Tianjin Development Zone with the registered capital of RMB10 million